What is Dental Architecture?


Dental Architecture is not so much a technological process, but rather a philosophical approach towards the organic production of prosthetics, the patient, the dentist, the technician, professional ethics and quality.

The patient is a unique part of nature. When they arrive at a dental clinic, they bring their unique story with them. The complaint that spurs them on to see a dentist is a consequence of this story.

We should take our time to hear their story out attentively. The patient experiences great stress and discomfort when dealing with dental issues, so we must make an effort to truly understand the underlying causes of their problem.

Once we have closely examined the patient’s complaints and expectations, we can begin to plan out their treatment. It is this different attitude towards the patient that led to the emergence of the term ‘dental architecture’. The concept of architecture was introduced in order to present the essence of the idea with greater clarity.

In brief, dental architecture is a concept based on the relationships between the dental components of a complex structure that includes various logical, functional, physical and programme structures.

This may sound complicated, but the heart of the matter is that the dental technician, the dentist and the patient come together as a team in order to achieve the best treatment results and prosthetic solutions. Dental Architecture stands out from other more commonplace methods of prosthetic production because it places great importance on the examination of the patient’s initial dental situation and expectations. Prosthetic production is only initiated once a comprehensive analysis of the patient is carried out. Another key difference with dental architecture is that the dental technician is actively involved in the process of treatment and prosthetic procedures, allowing the team to achieve the goals they have set more efficiently.

Working as a team with distinct ways is very important, but not all work styles are the same. In order to bridge these gaps in communication and make it easier for us to work together, we have created the Protocol for Dental Architecture. As a result of our efforts, the process has become more organic and the patient can leave the clinic with a renewed confidence in their unique smile.

Great service can change a patient’s life.

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